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axdhcp2 ToDo

Just a short brainstorming session for the ToDo list:

  • Combine v4 and v6 dhcp option handling [already done]
  • Get v6 working (still no love from the wide-dhcpv6 client, need to find out why)
  • Add suboptions (primarily for v6 vendor and user options), either adding a local list to the dhcp_option struct or simply cramming everything into the parent option’s data area (umm yeah, after the db backend works…)
  • Finish and integrate (parts of) the db backend stuff (mid-term, using this one to find flaws in the current design)
  • Common header for system includes
  • Move utils and dhcp into static libs and make the core use them
  • Autofoo love (autoconf / config.h only)
  • Cleanups

Progress can be tracked here