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CELT support moving into Opal trunk

The last few issues with 32KHz mode and RTP timing have been resolved and the patches are being merged into Opal’s svn trunk.

Hi-def 48KHz VoIP with Ekiga

Took a little longer than planned, due to various little problems that added up, but here it is:

A patch that adds 32KHz, 48 KHz sample rate support and a CELT codec plugin to Opal, enabling Ekiga to use the new Ultra-Wideband ulta-low-delay codec developed by Jmspeex of

There are still some glitches in the output (not sure if it’s my code causing them or the codec itself, need to investigate further), but it still sounds totally awesome playing one of my favourite songs.

The patch is for the svn version of opal but can be applied to the latest release tarball too.Note: you have to autoreconf and reconfigure + rebuild after applying the patch to opal.

For those interested in the original annoucement that caused this work:

Another FreeSWITCH First: 48k VoIP

UPDATE: Changed patch URL, and here are a couple of other fixes for opal-3.4.2 and opal-3.5.1 you’ll find useful:

mod_ssh: yet another status update

test02 freeswitch-trunk # ssh -p2222 test@localhost
test@localhost's password:
Welcome to FreeSWITCH on test02


That’s the new (not finished) terminal emulation, together with a customized (well, current ssh.conf.xml default) prompt.